Don’t worry if you don’t know much about The Netherlands. We’re a tiny country with just 312 km (194 mi) in length. You might have heard a thing or two about our capital city Amsterdam though. It is internationally known for its old buildings, canals, bicycles, museums, markets and windmills. But guess what? Utrecht has them too!

Utrecht’s ancient city centre features many buildings dating back as far as the high middle ages. It has been the religious centre of our country since the 8th century. We host the largest university in The Netherlands.

Due to our central position within the country, Utrecht is an important hub for both rail and road transport. Utrecht has the second highest number of cultural events in The Netherlands and is included by the Lonely Planet in the top 10 of the world’s unsung places.

Utrecht is often called small Amsterdam. It has everything our capital city has to offer, but it’s more quiet and less expensive. And if you are feeling touristy, Amsterdam is just 27 train minutes away!

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