Visit the famous Neude Square in Utrecht

The Neude is the most famous square in the city centre of Utrecht. It is worth a visit, because of many reasons: you can have breakfast, lunch and diner at the cozy bars, cafes and restaurant. You can have a drink with friends, family or business relations. You can enjoy the sun on the terrace in the summer, but also in the winter. And, last but not least: our perfect serviced apartments are just around the corner of the Neude Square. After all the cosiness you are almost home.

Curious about the lovely places on the Neude Square? Here are our top four, all with their own specialties.

1. Winecafé Lefebvre

Winecafé Lefebvre is the number one favorite, because of the many wines! It is a nice meeting place to enjoy wine and snacks with friends, family or for business occasions. Take a seat at the high tables and philosophize about the writings on the wall. Of course, with a good glass of wine. Do you prefer beer? They also serve different kind of beers.


2. De Beurs

For more than 15 years De Beurs is a nice place to have a good lunch, delicious dinner or a nice drink until the late hours. In the summer De Beurs has more than 260 seats on their terrace, a nice place to enjoy the sun. But even in the winter there is a terrace with 100 seats, of course with some heating.

Neude Square Utrecht

3. Le Journal

Would you like to have breakfast in one of the cafes at the Neude Square, right in the heart of the city centre of Utrecht? Le Journal is the place to be! You are also welcome to have a cup of coffee and to read the news of the day at the big reading table. When the sun is shining you can take place on their terrace to see the city moving. A good drink, lunch or dinner are also able at Le Journal in Utrecht.

4. Café ’t Neutje

’t Neutje is one of the oldest cafes at the Neude Square in the city centre of Utrecht. In 1978 the old brown cafe opened his doors. For the beer lovers: they serve more than 30 different kind of beers. It is even a nice location for a cup of coffee, a lunch or a good drink.

In the summer the square is full of chairs and tables. The first day the sun in shining and the temperature is fine, many many people of Utrecht are taking place at the terrace of the Neude Square. But even in the winter the Neude Square is a busy place. In December the Neude Square has the theme Winter. You will find a icerink and a beer garden on the square.

Neude Square Utrecht

Not only the square itself is a good place to go in Utrecht. The streets around the square are also worth a visit. In the side streets of the square you find unique shops and more bars and restaurants. Even the famous Oudegracht is just around the corner.

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