Accessibility of our City Apartments

Our serviced city apartments will not only give you a comfortable short stay or long stay experience of feeling at home, they are also situated in the historical city centre of the most centrally located city of The Netherlands: Utrecht. Therefore, Utrecht is the perfect location to use as a home base for all your trips and work related visits in The Netherlands.

Utrecht Central Station

Together with Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, is Utrecht, part of the Randstad region or the, so called, economical heart of The Netherlands. Utrecht can be seen as the gate of the Randstad, due to its central location and the large Utrecht network of public transport. Dutch railways and important roads are coming together in Utrecht. Since Utrecht Central Station is directly connected to Utrecht’s city centre, it can be stated that Utrecht is best accessible by public transport.

Utrecht Central Station is considered to be the railway hub of The Netherlands. Not at least due to the fact that it is the most busy and largest train station of The Netherlands. All trains, stoptrains and intercity trains, stop at Utrecht Central Station. Therefore, Utrecht is very well connected to its hinterland, all the main cities in The Netherlands and other European cities.

Some examples:

  • City centre Utrecht – Utrecht University: 15 minutes by bus
  • Utrecht – Hilversum: about 20 minutes by train
  • Utrecht – Amsterdam: about 30 minutes by train
  • Utrecht – Rotterdam: about 40 minutes by train
  • Utrecht – The Hague: about 40 minutes by train
  • Utrecht – Brussels: about 2 hours by train
  • Utrecht – Paris: about 3,5 hours by train


Our city apartments are easy to reach from Utrecht Central Station by bus or by foot. Both will take about 10 till 15 minutes to one of our apartments in the historical city centre of Utrecht.

Want to see the highlights of the city, such as the Dom Tower and the Jaarbeurs exhibition, when staying at one of our serviced city apartments? That is possible, because most of them are on walking distance from the apartments. Do you want to see the city in Dutch-style? You can rent a bike.

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