Utrecht Expats

Utrecht is a great place to work for expats. Luckily, Utrecht is also a unique place to live. If you are going to work for one of the Dutch multinationals, it makes moving to Utrecht city an excellent choice. We offer great short stay and long stay apartments in Utrecht.

Economic heart of The Netherlands

Utrecht is part of the so called Randstad. It forms the cultural and economic heart of The Netherlands. The Randstad is one of the biggest economic agglomerations in Europe, which is of national and international value. It houses the International Court, Europol, Schiphol Airport, Port of Rotterdam, Flower Auction Aalsmeer and the largest train station of The Netherlands: Utrecht Central Station, which makes Utrecht easy to reach from every angle in The Netherlands.

The knowledge of Utrecht

Utrecht is one of the largest student cities in The Netherlands. Utrecht University and the Hogeschool Utrecht combined, educate over 60.00 students. The Utrecht Science Park also contributes to the knowledge industry and economy. It combines top-flight technology and knowledge, which is what makes it a great place of interest for international business. Its goal is to initiate innovation. It is an initiative of University Utrecht, The City of Utrecht and Utrecht Province. And it is a success.

Utrecht expats and multinationals

The Utrecht area has twice being named the most competitive area in Europe by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. Besides the location of Utrecht city, its knowledge industry and highly educated personnel is what attract multinationals to Utrecht city. And because companies such as Nike, Shell, Philips, Heineken, Unilever, KLM, ING, Rabobank, TomTom, Randstad, Nestlé, Google and Coca Cola are located in Utrecht area or The Netherlands it’s a great place for expats to live.

We offer business apartments for short stay and long stay in Utrecht.

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